About us

We started our activity in the railway infrastructure domain in 2005 and we have grown constantly ever since, exceeding our limits, always trying to rise above the competition and to offer our customers what they need, when they need it.

We are dedicated and we have a clear business philosophy: highest quality products, delivered in time for our customers in the needed quantities. We are always focused on our clients’ needs, and we want every interaction, every product and every employee to reflect our company’s vision. We are passionate and we like to drive the world. We are Esentze.

Mission & Values

Our vision is to connect the world by offering railway infrastructure solutions. We want to create connections between people and industries around the world through our wooden railway sleepers products.

Our mission is to provide high quality railway sleepers and with connect products that will help our clients build their railway infrastructure for more efficient and advantageous railway systems.

Our passion is focused on creating the best railway sleepers on the market, providing professional products for the sole purpose of aiding our clients. Perseverance and readiness are key values in our company, values that helped us become an international company in the railway sleepers business.

Our team

CEO Plisco Roman Dumitru
Chief Executive Officer

Financial Consultant

Group Legal Adviser

This is why we keep the highest quality standards for our products and we continuously improve our services in order to provide HIGH QUALITY SLEEPERS for our clients in the needed quantities, while being efficient and competitive at the same time.