Know how

The experience we have gained has offered us a competitive advantage. Due to the partnerships we have developed, that have generated a production growth, we have created a performing know-how system to ensure uniformity in observing the quality standards in every production site and efficient delivery.

The production takes place in a controlled and safe environment for the workers, constantly supervised by an efficient management, in terms of production and quality control. The production units have an optimal waste recovery system, so as to ensure maximum efficiency. The system is certified according to international quality standards by approved certification bodies.


We are undergoing a continuous modernization process and we are presently implementing, through a EU co-financed project, the construction of the most modern plant in Eastern Europe, for the manufacturing of railway sleepers that observe the latest quality standards. The newly implemented technologies are Eco–friendly and comply with all the environmental standards.

The new factory, together with all the 90 individual production plants, offers one of the highest production capacities, able to provide any needed quantities.

Every unit is provided and equipped with modern technology, specialized on different activities, necessary for woodworking. We have also implemented a certified quality management program as well as a recycling program for the materials and different waste resulted in the process.


Our company is based on a set of values that can be found both in our national and international relationships, and in the products and services we offer. We take pride in observing the highest standards for the products we supply.

In this respect, we have implemented a quality management system through complete ISO standards and national and international notifications regarding logging and sleepers manufacturing.