ESENTZE has managed, in a very short span of time, due to the  professionalism and dedication of the team, to develop relations with state and private companies in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa, being one of the reliable partners for national railway systems in countries worldwide.

Integrated services

ESENTZE is today an integrated service pack, from planning, production, know-how and quality control, to complete logistics towards the client, benefiting from the experience of every delivery term with inter-modal transportation means anywhere in the world.

A partnership with ESENTZE is based on trust, on our ability to deliver very large volumes in a short span of time and on quality standards that are observed for every delivery.


Since the foundation of the company, we have managed to develop steadfast and durable partnerships with clients in Europe and worldwide, including in our portfolio important names in the field, private and national companies in the top 50 worldwide in the railway field.

The main objectives of our company are strengthening these partnerships, quality and production growth, altogether with a stable and constant development, on the international railway market.