Ever since they appeared, in the second half of the 18th century, up until today, modern railways have rapidly developed worldwide, facilitating the transport of people and goods between different regions, and becoming, now, in the 21st century, the most complex conveyance.

One of the essential products for this development is the wooden railway sleeper, our base product, tens of thousands of kilometers in the entire world benefiting from it.

Wooden railway sleepers

Here, at ESENTZE, we specialize in the manufacturing of railway sleepers (basic and special) for any use. The production system uses hard wood exclusively (beech and oak) in order to manufacture the sleepers, sustaining a durable management of our forests. To ensure a long life, the sleepers are impregnated with high quality WEI Type C creosote.

We produce and we have sufficient stocks for:

  • railway track sleepers
  • switch or turnout sleepers
  • bridge sleepers
  • special wooden elements for different uses
  • vibration absorption and isolation panels

Crane mats

In order to limit the impact upon the environment and to facilitate the access to hardly accessible or protected locations we commercialize crane mats, dragline mats, pipeline mats, digging mats, that can be shaped into temporary roads and bridges in these locations, therefore becoming working floors for both people and equipment.

Anti-noise panels

The noise from our day to day environment has turned into a problem of which we have become more aware of.

The systems made of wooden barrier that are designed against noise comply with all important environment and maintenance standards established by architects and landscape designers. Wood is a perfect material as far as the natural aspect is concerned and it is also flexible for a diversified design of these panels.

Other products and railway equipment

Along with the wooden sleepers, in order to complete the range of products requested by clients, we market railway infrastructure elements together with our partners.

Railway infrastructure elements and maintenance: concrete sleepers, tracks, direct and indirect fastening systems and rolling stock: wagons, engines, maintenance equipment, wheels, blocks, axes and other associated components.

Other industrial wooden products

We can provide our clients with quality wood, rough or processed, for different uses, raw material of the highest quality:

  • Logs, sawn timber
  • Garden sleepers
  • Lashing beams
  • Dragline mats, pipeline mats, digging mats for different uses, permanent or temporary